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          Anti-aging formula that protects your skin's fibers


Reverse the signs of aging with REVIDERM's premium skindesign 4D anti-aging product line, which effectively regenerates your skin for an even, radiant complexion and improved elasticity.

According to the latest medical findings, your skin is primarily aged by saccharification (the term used to describe how complex carbohydrates are broken down into simple, monosaccharide componens. During this process of glycation, the connective tissue sticks together, causing your skin to lose elasticity and wrinkles to form.

REVIDERM's Derma Membrane System also boosts your skin's own protective mechanisms. The cream foundation is made from skin-identical lipids and is particularly gentle. By preventing your skin from losing moisture and protecting it from harmful environmental influences such as dry air, the foundation is even capable of restoring balance to irritated, sensitive skin.

REVIDERM's premium skindesign 4D range is refined with valuable essences such as silk proteins and argan oil. They envelope your face, neck and décolletage like a protective second skin, leaving it with the sense of being pampered.

Experience REVIDERM's highly effective anti-aging skincare range by discovering premium skindesign 4D now!

REVIDERM's highly effective Anti-Glycation Formula (AGF) stops this process by protecting your skin's collagen and elastin fibers from stiffening. At the same time, peptides ensure that new, healthy and elastic fibers can form, producing the following clear results:

Visibly smoother lines and wrinkles,
Firmer connective tissue,
A refined complexion,
Silky, supple skin.




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