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          REVIDERM skintelligence highly effective anti-aging care for your skin


Discover sophisticated anti-aging cosmetics containing scientifically proven ingredients. Regardless of whether you have dry, sensitive or irritated skin, REVIDERM's skintelligence product line is guaranteed to perfectly match your needs.

Outstanding results are achieved using the following skin-identical, highly active anti-aging ingredients that are well-tolerated by your skin.

Vitamin C strengthens your connective tissue and activates your skin's own collagen-production process. It also protects your skin from oxidative stress caused by UV and ozone radiation.

Q10 re-energizes your cells and protects your skin from free radicals.

Hyaluronic acid deeply replenishes your skin's moisture reserves, softening and smoothing coarse, stressed skin.

Enzymes add elasticity to your skin's collagenous fibers and make your skin look younger, giving you a bright, clear complexion and fine, small pores.

REVIDERM's skintelligence products work exactly where they can achieve the best results by forming new cells in the lower basal layer of your skin. They slow the aging process of your skin, stimulate its regeneration and increase its resilience for a fresh, visibly healthier complexion and the elasticity of younger skin.

Modular dermocosmetic system that intelligently cares for your skin

The REVIDERM skintelligence system supplies your skin with just the right amount of concentrated active ingredients. By choosing from more than 50 product components, your beauty institute or beautician can put together precisely the perfect skincare plan for you.

Discover your personalized selection of effective anti-aging beauty products by trying REVIDERM skintelligence now!




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